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We offer a wide range of data acquisition products like our ADAS test systems, VBOX 3i data loggers, VBOX Speed Sensors and modules.


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Our range of VBOX camera systems, performance meters such as PerformanceBox, DriftBox and VBOX Sport and lap timers are increasingly popular in motorsport.


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LabSat GPS Simulators are used to test GPS enabled products by recording, replaying, and simulating GNSS data.


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RACELOGIC prides itself on giving outstanding Support. Our online Support Centre gives you the opportunity to quickly find all the information you need, and our Support Department is on hand to answer email and telephone enquiries.


Generate a wheel speed and engine rpm pulse from a vehicle's CAN Bus using RACELOGIC CanTran, obtain engine and road speed with the CAN Speed Interface and display any parameter that is sent on a CAN Bus in real time with the CAN Display.

RACELOGIC开发和制造电子系统用来测量, 记录, 显示, 分析和仿真来自移动车辆的数据.

我们的旗舰VBOX已经成为了一个测量速度,位置,距离和加速度的行业标准方法, 同时我们的视频VBOX(GPS视频记录仪)在赛车运动中越来越流行.

自1992年以来,我们已经设计了 GPS 数据记录仪, 视频叠放系统, CAN 总线接口牵引力控制系统. 在Julian Thomas的带领下, Racelogic 已经发展成为一个现代化公司 ,英国白金汉总部一共拥有40员工,此外在德国 Weilburg有一分部共4名员工, 并被授予企业女王奖.



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